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The Importance of the “Mommy Meltdown” Basket to Self Regulation

Posted on: June 22nd, 2015

When you start at a 9 it doesn’t take much to get to a 10. — Rose Montie, special education teacher

We defined self regulation and dysregulation in my last post.  I want to talk about coregulation today.  Psychologist Alan Fogel describes coregulation as the “continuous unfolding of individual action that is susceptible to being continuously modified by the continuously changing actions of the partner.”  “Don’t rile up your brothers and sister!” was heard more than a few times in my childhood home.  Teachers observe this dynamic in their classrooms every day and develop management strategies to minimize its distraction from learning.

However, can we take a moment now to consider that in our hurried, pressured lives perhaps we don’t always recognize that our adult behavior has an equal or maybe greater effect on our children’s behavior than either that of their siblings or peers?  If so, shouldn’t we spend some time becoming aware of our own dysregulation triggers; developing coping strategies; and, thus improving our ability to self regulate?  I think so!


Coming Attractions

Posted on: April 13th, 2012
  • Warrior Moms Pajama Party
  • April 26th and 27th, 2015
  • Columbiere Conference Center
  • 9075 Biglake Road, Clarkston, MI 48346
  • To order tickets please go to www.HealingComplexKids.org
  • Michigan Science Center:
  • Hearing Impaired Week
  • September 23-25, 2015
  • They’ll have tactile activities, interpreters, and printed transcripts available throughout the museum for visitor’s with hearing loss.
  • Vision Impaired Week
  • October 7-9, 2015
  • Visitors with vision loss can get hands-on with large print scavenger hunts and guided tours.
  • Sensory Friendly Week
  • October 28-30
  • Enjoy special activities geared specifically for children with sensory challenges along with modified lighting and sound throughout the Science Center.
  • Down Syndrome Guild of Southeast Michigan’s Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk
  • September 26, 2015
  • Woodside Bible Church
  • 6600 Rochester Rd.
  • Troy, MI